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I build accessible, inclusive products and digital experiences for a variety of clients.

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I love to read and listen to audiobooks. The genre I read fall within personal growth and self-development. My favorites are "The Power of Habit" and "Atomic Habits."

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I've made it a habit of taking a 25-minute walk every morning at 8 am. During these walks, I think - about my plan for the day and develop fun and creative ideas.

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I love to implement my creative nature in anything I do. Thinking outside the box and creating something with your unique twist brings a new challenge every day.

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Specialist in creative digital products.

As an avid lover of technology, minimalism, and art, I enjoy creating customer-facing applications that combine my tech and business background


Kanban board and note taking website. Helps you stay organized and create agile boards to organize tasks.

The Sizzzle

Revolutionizing Food Blogging into a simpler and minimalist social media type application.

Esthetician Business Website

Features a beautifully designed website showcasing an estheticians business. The website has helped the owner get more bookings.

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