Lorenze Jay

About Me

Who is Lorenze ?


My name is Lorenze Hernandez and I make full stack applications.

I enjoy creating things that live on the internet. I have always been a creative artist since I was 14 whether it be by taking photos or creating videos for weddings. Fast forward today, I enjoy creating web applications and learning how some of the apps we use everyday come to life.

I love building full applications because I get the full experience of how an entire application works. Being an artist I love creating the front-end. At the same time, I believe to have a great frontend, it's important to understand how the backend works. The backend is where our application can communicate with servers and databases as well as where most of our logic / algorithms live. Developing an application from front to back lets me build things we commonly use on a day to day basis - like productivity, blogs, or social media applications.

My main focus is to build accessible, inclusive products and digital experiences for a variety of clients.